Optional Services

Consolidation Service

If you've made purchases from different stores, you can use our order consolidation service to group them together. Once your items arrive at Doorzo's Japan warehouse, simply request the service from the 'Order Center.'

This way, you can save on international shipping costs and enjoy a more convenient shopping experience.



1. You can consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment. Doorzo offers free consolidation for up to 10 orders. However, if you have more than 10 orders, a consolidation fee of 100 JPY will be applied to each order starting from the 11th one.

2. During consolidation, we remove unnecessary shipping boxes or excessive reinforcement materials from the seller's end to minimize the total weight.

3. If the seller chooses to use a bag for shipping, we may include a shipping box to enhance the safety of the item during international shipping. In that case, the package's weight could increase after consolidation.

4. Once you submit the consolidation request, no additional items can be included. Please wait until all orders you want to consolidate arrive at the warehouse before requesting the service.

5. Under particular situations, a consolidated order may be updated to "Consolidated / Unpaid Postage." To avoid any storage fees, it is necessary to choose a shipping method and pay the associated shipping fee within 15 days. For orders that have expired, storage fees will apply.

6. Doorzo's partnered shipping carriers cannot ship packages with a total value exceeding 200,000 JPY, and the combined value of items within a consolidated order must not exceed 200,000 JPY. (Note: Calculated based on [item price + Japan domestic shipping fee + proxy purchase fees and other miscellaneous expenses].)

7. It's important to note that the country or region you're sending your package to may have a limit on the total value of the package. For specific details, it's best to contact your local customs office. Please follow the relevant rules and regulations when arranging your order consolidation request.



Protective Packaging Service


Bubble wrap for fragile items inside the package

Bubble wrap for the exterior of the package

Service Fee

• Under 2 kg: 100 JPY

• 2–5 kg: 200 JPY

• 5–10 kg: 300 JPY

• Over 10 kg: 500JPY

200 JPY per package

Service Details

Doorzo will provide extra packaging materials like bubble wrap, foam cushioning, and filling paper to protect fragile items in your package.

Doorzo will add bubble wrap to the exterior of your package, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping.


1. If protective packaging service is not required, we will use filler paper to fill in any empty spaces between the shipping box and the items.

2. Doorzo cannot guarantee that all packages will remain free of incidents when handled roughly during transit. If your items are lost or damaged during shipping, please contact our customer service team and the shipping carrier immediately. Our team will assist you in filing for compensation with the shipping company.

3. It's important to note that Japan Post or any other shipping carriers do not provide compensation for fragile items like glass and ceramics, regardless of whether or not they are packaged with protective materials.

4. Doorzo does not accept packaging requirements for strengthening the interior of an item's packaging. (E.g., Opening a boxed anime figure and securing the figure. )

Item Inspection

Service fee: 300 JPY/order

The service helps you verify the item's basic information but cannot authenticate its genuineness.

• Discrepancies in item size, color, quantity, and deviations from the product page.

• High-value items (above 80,000 JPY) are exempt from the service fee.


Examples where the Item Inspection Guarantee applies

• Incorrect Quantity:

Example: The product description indicates that two figurines are included, but only one is received.

• Deviation from the Product Page:

Example: The received item differs significantly in color or size from the product description and images.

*Although the product page's images, title, and descriptions are consistent, the received item does not match.


Examples where the Item Inspection Guarantee does not apply

• Testing the functionality of electronic items

Testing the functionality of cameras and other electronic devices after they are powered on or examining their internal structure and performance are not covered by the guarantee.

• Assembly and mobility of items in categories like toys and furniture

Items that require disassembly or assembly to verify their functionality are not covered by the guarantee.

• Authenticity of luxury items, trading cards, and similar items

Luxury items, trading cards, and other similar categories requiring specialized qualifications are not covered by the guarantee.

• Inconsistencies on the item page

Any mismatches among an item's image, title, and descriptions, including inconsistent descriptions, excess items, or lack of items, are not covered by our service.

• Items that are not included as part of the product

Decorative items, packaging materials, or external boxes used for displaying the product are not considered part of the actual product and are, therefore, not covered by our guarantee.

• Verify the item's condition, like its level of newness or the severity of defects.

Items lacking clear information regarding whether they have been opened, the inclusion of original packaging and warranty, or any other minor scratches, stains, or details not easily detectable by the naked eye are not covered by the guarantee.

• The quality of items labeled as 'junk' or the precise quantity of items marked as 'bulk.'

Items specified as 'junk' in its product description or those sold in large quantities are not covered by the guarantee.

• The item's specific content cannot be determined.

Lucky bags, unreleased items, those with only official images (not actual photos), and items with blurred images are not covered by the guarantee, as their specific content cannot be determined.

• Items are partially obscured in the display images

If the item is obscured or extends beyond image boundaries in the display images, confirming its complete content becomes challenging, and such cases are not covered by the guarantee.

• Unspecified item quantity

Items with unspecified quantities in their descriptions or images are not covered by the guarantee.


Compensation Policy for Items Covered by Guarantee

If you've chosen the item inspection service and discover any discrepancies in quantity or content upon receipt, please reach out to our customer service team within five days for compensation.


1. Documentation Requirements

A complete video of unpacking your items or the following photos:

• Six images capturing all sides of the box

• 2-3 photos of the items you selected for our item inspection service


2. Submission Deadline

Please submit within 5 days after the package is marked as received.

Note: Requests submitted more than five days after the package has been received or those submitted with incomplete documentation cannot be accepted.

3. Other Details about Compensation

Upon acceptance of your claim, we will proceed with an investigation to determine its eligibility within the coverage. You will be notified of the claim result within 14 days from the date of acceptance, and we will assist you in completing the subsequent compensation procedures.

Note: Due to the unique nature of international shipping, items such as CD cases, paper goods, and product packaging boxes involving issues like compression, deformation, damage, or contamination will not be accepted.

Additionally, please note that Doorzo will no longer assist in handling compensation procedures with the shipping carrier on your behalf.



Photography Service

Photography handling fee: 500JPY, Payable along with the international shipping cost.

The photo-taking process typically takes 1-3 business days to complete and includes 6 photos: 4 product photos, 1 external packaging photo, and 1 weight measurement photo.



1. Once a photo-taking service is requested, it cannot be canceled.

2. You cannot specify the shooting angle or content, and unopened products cannot be photographed.

3. Request for re-taking photos is not accepted.

4. The weight shown in the photo does not include packing materials used later and the shipping documents.

5. The photography service is intended for inspecting the product's condition only and does not support subsequent requests for confirmation or refunds.


Please request the 'Item Inspection Service' before placing your order. This service helps verify if the item matches the description. You can find more details about this service in the information above or get in touch with our customer service team for further assistance.


Lithium battery confirmation/disposal fee

Electronic devices, such as cameras and gaming consoles, often contain lithium batteries that are restricted for air transportation. It is advisable to opt for sea freight when shipping items with two or more built-in lithium batteries. If your items only have a small quantity of dry or button batteries, please apply directly for air shipping restoration. Prior to dispatching your items, kindly review the shipping guidelines provided by the carriers to make an informed decision. In case you are unsure about the number of batteries in a package, we offer a service to confirm the quantity and remove them for proper disposal. Please note that this service incurs a handling fee.



1. After submitting the service request, Doorzo will manually inspect the battery package. The handling fee won't be refunded if our check confirms no batteries are included.

2. Once the process is complete, Doorzo will notify you via an internal message. The fee will be included in the second payment, to be paid along with the international shipping cost.

3. Once you've submitted your request, cancellation is not possible. We kindly request that you avoid selecting international shipping or making any corresponding payments until the operation is successfully completed.


Paid Storage


Single Order

Doorzo offers free storage for 60 days from the day your order arrives at the warehouse and additional paid storage for up to 30 days. Please refer to the fee schedule for specific fees.


Consolidated Orders

Successfully combined packages have a 15-day free storage period, starting upon the completion of consolidation. If you need more time, we offer an extended paid storage of 30 days (please see the fee schedule). However, please note counting of the extended period starts from your order status changes to "Consolidated / Unpaid postage."
(Note: Normally, once orders are consolidated, their status shows as "Int. shipping pending,"  with only a few exceptions for packages with specific issues that require counting the storage period.)


Fee Schedule

50 JPY/kg per order each day (24-hour period). If your package weighs less than 1kg, we'll round it up to 1kg. The fee is payable along with your international shipping charges.

Single Order

Suppose you have one single order stored for 68 days, with 60 days free of charge and 8 days of paid storage. Here's how the fee is calculated:
If the order weighs 650g, the fee would be 8 days x 50 JPY x 1kg = 400 JPY.
If the order weighs 1650g, the fee would be 8 days x 50 JPY x 2kg = 800 JPY.

Consolidated Orders

Suppose you have a consolidated order stored for 25 days, with 15 days free of charge and 10 days of paid storage. Here's how the fee is calculated:
If the order weighs 650g, the fee would be 10 days x 50 JPY x 1kg = 500 JPY.
If the order weighs 4500g, the fee would be 10 days x 50 JPY x 5kg = 2500 JPY.


Package Return

We provide free storage for packages returned to our warehouse for 30 days, starting from the day they arrive. Please note that packages returned are not eligible for paid storage services.

Note: If the package is not reshipped within the specified storage period, it will be deemed abandoned. Doorzo reserves the right to dispose of the items, and no fees will be refunded.