Returns & Refunds

Order Cancellation

When using our Japan proxy shopping services, all products bought through us are sold by Japanese sellers and comply with Japanese e-commerce rules.

Once payment is finalized, payments are sent to the Seller immediately. Therefore, orders cannot be cancelled, and we cannot issue refunds.

Once you've placed and paid for an order, we cannot process cancellation requests for any reason.

Please fully understand the rules and review item information before placing and paying for your order.

Order Got Cancelled

Orders may be cancelled for various reasons. Refunds will be initiated within 24 hours for unprocessable orders and within three business days if cancelled by the Seller.

● Item Out of Stock

Unable to purchase

① The shopping website serves users worldwide; items may sell out when ordering.

② Some orders require manual processing, and items may sell out during this time.

Seller cancellation

Sellers cancel orders due to items being out of stock, often without providing specific reasons. Based on past experiences, common explanations for such cancellations include:

① The Seller discovers the item is unavailable when preparing to ship.

② Even if the item is available, it may have already been sold on another platform.

● Item Deleted

The Seller removed the item at the time of purchase.

The Seller deleted the item before the order could be processed.

● Seller Declines To Sell

Seller restricted by platform

The Seller's Mercari account restriction prevents order processing; reasons are disclosed only to the Seller by Mercari.

Seller unresponsive for an extended period

The Seller has not responded to comments from other buyers for an extended period, suggesting they may no longer be active. This poses a risk of non-delivery and refund difficulties.

Refusal to sell to proxy purchasing platform

The Seller doesn't want to sell their items to a proxy purchasing platform for personal reasons.


● Unsupported Comment

The message requested cannot be fulfilled.

Your message request during ordering is a prerequisite for placing the order. If the message cannot be fulfilled, the order will be cancelled. Please consider this before using this feature.

Examples of such messages include price negotiation, inquiries about the item's condition, quality, size, and authenticity, the presence of tags, requests for additional item images, and packaging-related comments.

The Seller's feedback conflicts with the message

The Seller's response conflicts with your request; for example, your requested item may have already been sold.


● Prohibited Items

Purchasing prohibited items

Ordered goods are banned or not allowed due to national policies.


● Item Reserved for Specific Buyer

Purchased an item reserved for another buyer

The product information states that the Seller reserves this item specifically for a buyer.


● Buying Request Rejected

Purchase request on Rakuten Rakuma failed

Some products on Rakuten Rakuma may require a pre-purchase application, which sellers may reject.


Due to international proxy shopping complexities, refunds and returns cannot be processed once the order is placed and payment made.

You can purchase the 'Pre-storage Photo' service to inspect items before storage. If issues arise, you can file a complaint. Returns and refunds may be possible with approval from the Seller and the shopping site's team.