Fee Structure

1. Fee Structure

Total Cost = Item Price + Proxy Purchase Services Fee + Domestic Shipping Fee in Japan (if applicable) + International Shipping Fee +Optional Service Fee+ Related Fees (usually free) 

The purchase process on Doorzo requires a two-step payment procedure. Each payment is processed in Japanese Yen and converted into your currency based on the exchange rate provided on the day of settlement.


▲First Payment: Payable at order placement

Item Cost: Item Price + Proxy Purchase Fee + Domestic Shipping Fee in Japan (if applicable) + Optional Service Fee


▲Second Payment:  Payable upon order arrival at Doorzo Warehouse

International Shipping Cost: International Shipping Fee + Optional Service Fee + Related Fees (usually free) + JP Domestic Shipping COD (if applicable)


2. Fee Details

 (1)Item Price

 The selling price for the item you have chosen. 


 (2)Proxy Purchase Fee

Doorzo charges a proxy purchase fee of 50-300 JPY per item. The fee will be shown in your shopping cart and added to the total cost of your purchase at checkout.


(3) JP Domestic Shipping Fee

If your items require payment for domestic shipping, the fee will be added to your order total during the checkout.

(*The 'Japan Domestic Shipping COD' fee will be listed as a shipping adjustment upon arrival at our warehouse and is payable along with the international shipping fee.)


(4)International Shipping Fee

When the items you purchased arrive at Doorzo's Tokyo warehouse, we will calculate the international shipping fee based on the actual weight and your chosen shipping method. Some shipping methods may include a handling fee.

For specific fees, please refer to the details on the [International Shipping] page or use the shipping cost calculator.


5)Additional Service Fee(Protective Packaging)


Bubble wrap for fragile items inside the package

Bubble wrap for the exterior of the package

Service Fee

• Under 2 kg: 100 JPY

• 2–5 kg: 200 JPY

• 5–10 kg: 300 JPY

• Over 10 kg: JPY

200 JPY per package

Service Details

Doorzo will provide extra packaging materials like bubble wrap, foam cushioning, and filling paper to protect fragile items in your package.

Doorzo will add bubble wrap to the exterior of your package, minimizing the risk of damage during shipping.


1. If protective packaging service is not required, we will use filler paper to fill in any empty spaces between the shipping box and the items.

2. Doorzo cannot guarantee that all packages will remain free of incidents when handled roughly during transit. If your items are lost or damaged during shipping, please contact our customer service team and the shipping carrier immediately. Our team will assist you in filing for compensation with the shipping company.

3. It's important to note that Japan Post or any other shipping carriers do not provide compensation for fragile items like glass and ceramics, regardless of whether or not they are packaged with protective materials.

4. Doorzo does not accept packaging requirements for strengthening the interior of an item's packaging. (E.g., Opening a boxed anime figure and securing the figure. )

(6)Related Fees

Consolidation Fee: From 0 JPY

You can consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment. Doorzo offers free consolidation for up to 10 orders.

However, if you have more than 10 orders, a consolidation fee of 100 JPY will be applied to each order starting from the 11th.


Shipping Handling Fee: From 0 JPY

Certain shipping methods may incur handling fees. Please refer to the [International Shipping] section for detailed information on these fees.


Storage Fee: From 0 JPY

Single Order

Doorzo offers free storage for 60 days from the day your order arrives at the warehouse and additional paid storage for up to 30 days. Please refer to the fee schedule for specific fees.


Consolidated Orders

Successfully combined packages have a 15-day free storage period, starting upon the completion of consolidation. If you need more time, we offer an extended paid storage of 30 days (please see the fee schedule). However, please note counting of the extended period starts from your order status changes to "Consolidated / Unpaid postage."
(Note: Normally, once orders are consolidated, the status shows as "Int. shipping pending,"  with only a few exceptions for packages with specific issues that require counting the storage period.) 

Fee Schedule

50 JPY/kg per order each day (24-hour period). If your package weighs less than 1kg, we'll round it up to 1kg. The fee is payable along with your international shipping charges.

Single  Order

Suppose you have one single order stored for 68 days,

with 60 days free of charge and 8 days of paid storage. Here's how the fee is calculated:

If the order weighs 650g, the fee would be 8 days x 50 JPY x 1kg = 400 JPY.

If the order weighs 1650g, the fee would be 8 days x 50 JPY x 2kg = 800 JPY.

Consolidated Orders

Suppose you have a consolidated order stored for 25 days,

with 15 days free of charge and 10 days of paid storage. Here's how the fee is calculated:

If the order weighs 650g, the fee would be 10 days x 50 JPY x 1kg = 500 JPY.

If the order weighs 4500g, the fee would be 10 days x 50 JPY x 5kg = 2500 JPY.


Package Return

We provide free storage for packages returned to our warehouse for 30 days, starting from the day they arrive. Please note that packages returned are not eligible for paid storage services.

Note: If the package is not reshipped within the specified storage period, it will be deemed abandoned. Doorzo reserves the right to dispose of the items, and no fees will be refunded.