Terms of Service

DOORZO Terms of Service

Effective Date: September 15, 2023

Welcome to sign this "Terms of Service" (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") with DOORZO's operator, SIG Service Inc., and use our services!

[Read Carefully] Before agreeing to the Terms of Service during the registration process, you should read it carefully. Please read and fully understand each term, especially those terms that exempt or limit liability, those related to applicable law, and dispute resolution. The terms that exempt or limit liability are highlighted in bold underline, and you should focus on those. If you have any questions about the Service, you can consult DOORZO customer support.

[Contracting Action] After you have provided the required information as instructed on the registration page, read and agreed to the Service, and completed the entire registration process, it indicates that you have thoroughly read, understood, and accepted the entirety of the Service. This makes you a "user" of DOORZO in accordance with the terms. Users of DOORZO (hereinafter referred to as "users" or "you") and the operator of DOORZO, SIG Service Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "DOORZO" or "we"), have reached an agreement to voluntarily accept and comply with all service agreements, rules, and management norms of DOORZO. If you disagree with the Service or any of its terms during the reading process, you should immediately stop the registration process.

[Regular Updates] We may periodically modify the content of the "Terms of Service". Therefore, we suggest that you browse the "Terms of Service" each time and acknowledge your acceptance before using the services provided by DOORZO.

If there are changes to our policy, we will publish an updated version on the DOORZO website (hereinafter referred to as "DOORZO") or provide enhanced notifications to you. Therefore, we suggest that you browse the Service each time and confirm your agreement before using the services provided by DOORZO.

(Article 1) Service Content

1.1 DOORZO displays various products sold by third-party sellers on the DOORZO website and provides users with commissioned purchasing services.

1.2 Users have the right to browse products on DOORZO, obtain product information provided by DOORZO, and have the right to place orders through DOORZO, pay the purchase price, and receive payment codes (if any). At the same time, based on user choices, value-added services such as reinforcement are provided for a fee.

1.3 DOORZO is a proxy purchasing platform that provides users with information about products they can purchase on behalf of their users and offers services for purchasing and shipping the products they selected.

1.4 Users have the right to participate in activities organized by DOORZO in accordance with the activity rules published by DOORZO and to access the additional services as committed by DOORZO.

1.5 The details and procedures of the proxy purchasing service can be found in the 'Usage Guide'.

(Article 2) User Qualification

2.1 To use this service, you should have your own DOORZO account. After you agree to and comply with the Terms of Service, you can submit a registration application and start using the service upon receiving approval from DOORZO.

2.2 You should be an adult with full civil capacity. If you are under 18, you can only use this service with the participation of your parents or guardians.

2.3 Users must assume full responsibility for the authenticity, legality, and validity of their registration information on DOORZO. After successful registration by a user, the user is responsible for safeguarding their account and password and is responsible for all activities and events that occur under their DOORZO account and password. When a user finds that their DOORZO account is being used by an unauthorized third party or there are other account security issues, they should immediately notify DOORZO effectively, request DOORZO to suspend the service of that DOORZO account, and promptly report to the police. DOORZO has the right to take action on the user's request within a reasonable time, but it does not assume any responsibility for any losses the user may have incurred before taking action.

2.4 Users who register using the same mobile number, device, ID information, email, payment account, or shipping address will be considered as 'the same user.' DOORZO has the right to merge the rights and interests of these different accounts, including but not limited to coupons, points, etc.

(Article 3) Order

3.1 After registering as a DOORZO user, you can place orders on DOORZO. You must have the legal capacity and ability to purchase the relevant products. If you are under 18, you can only use the service with the participation of your parents or guardians. Placing an order implies that you meet the aforementioned conditions.

3.2 The products and prices presented on DOORZO are intended solely as invitations to mak offers. When placing an order through DOORZO, you need to provide details like the quantity of products you want to purchase, the recipient's name, contact information, delivery address, and other necessary information. The system then generates an offer based on this information. By providing this information, you authorize DOORZO to use it for the purpose of fulfilling the Service. After receiving your offer, DOORZO has the right to reasonably assess the existence of the products, the authenticity of the transaction, and other relevant factors to determine whether to enter into a contract with you for the goods specified in your order. If DOORZO does not accept your offer and you have already paid, you will receive a full refund.

3.3 If the products in the order information you submitted are out of stock or if there are pricing errors, DOORZO will inform you prior to delivery and cancel the order. You also have the right to cancel the order yourself. If you have already made a payment, a full refund will be processed for you.

(Article 4) Payment and Delivery

4.1 Users should follow the instructions on the payment page to complete the payment online. Users do not have the right to request DOORZO to provide goods/services before paying the price, and DOORZO is not obligated to accept the contract for the sale of goods/services until users have paid the price.

4.2 DOORZO or the shipping service specified by DOORZO will be responsible for delivering the goods to the delivery address you specify or providing the services to you as promised. All delivery times listed on DOORZO are provided as reference times, and the calculation of these reference times is based on factors such as inventory status, normal processing procedures, and delivery location. This does not constitute a commitment from DOORZO regarding delivery times.

4.3 Users are aware and agree that the seller of goods shipped directly from overseas is a Japanese seller and cannot provide invoices from the user's home country. Furthermore, since the purchasing service fees, shipping fees, and other charges are collected by DOORZO's Japanese operating entity for the specific services are provided, invoices from the user's home country cannot be provided either.

4.4 If users submit the order, it is considered an acceptance of the delivery time and method arrangements. If you have any questions, you can contact DOORZO's customer support at any time.

4.5 DOORZO is not responsible for delayed delivery due to the following reasons:

(1) Incorrect information provided by the user, incomplete address, etc.;

(2) No one is available to sign for the goods upon delivery, leading to failed or delayed delivery;

(3) Changes in circumstances;

(4) Force majeure factors, such as natural disasters, traffic bans, acts, decisions, or orders of the government or judiciary, unexpected traffic accidents, strikes, changes in laws and policies, terrorist incidents, robberies, looting, and other violent crimes, sudden wars, etc.

4.6 Damage claim process: If you receive a damaged package or find that some goods are missing from the package, you should have the courier make a note on the delivery label and send a photo of the delivery label, the damaged goods, or the inner items of the package, and the details to DOORZO customer service. DOORZO customer service will handle the claim for the user. If there is no notation on the delivery note, it is deemed to be a normal delivery. In this case, since DOORZO cannot determine the courier's responsibility, it cannot process your claim. We appreciate your understanding.

For more information about claims, please see "Usage Guide→After-sales Service".

(Article 5) Refund Rules

5.1 Return and exchange policy: As DOORZO offers purchasing services, the quality of goods is the responsibility of the seller. Given the unique nature of cross-border items, DOORZO does not facilitate any return or exchange services. We appreciate your understanding.

5.2 Regarding discrepancies in received goods compared to photos: All product images provided by DOORZO are sourced from the seller's website homepage and are for reference purposes only. If there is a color difference or size error between the received physical item and the picture, please consider the actual item. DOORZO does not accept return requests based on this reason. We appreciate your understanding.

5.3 Refund Policy: After the user successfully pays the purchase price, the user has the right to request a refund from DOORZO in the following situations:

(1) Due to force majeure or non-user reasons, DOORZO is unable to purchase goods on behalf of the user, as verified by DOORZO.

(2) After the user successfully pays, if actual changes in circumstances require DOORZO to modify the contract's content and the user does not accept the revised terms.

5.4 Users who have actually received or used the goods do not have the right to request a refund from DOORZO.

5.5 After the refund is confirmed, the funds will be returned to the user's payment account using the original payment method. Users can inquire about the refund progress from the respective payment platform.

5.6 If the purchase price is paid in whole or in part using points, coupons, or gift vouchers in the order, the corresponding discount amount will need to be refunded in the respective form after the return of goods. In the case of a return, refund, transaction cancellation, etc., the amount will be credited back to the user's account based on its original usage rules and validity period. If the points, coupons, or gift vouchers are expired or do not meet the issuance or usage conditions at the time of return, they will automatically become invalid, and DOORZO will not provide any reissue or compensation.

For more information about refunds, please see "Usage Guide→Refunds and Returns".

(Article 6) Risk Warning About Proxy Purchases

To enhance your selection and enjoyment of our purchasing service, kindly read and fully comprehend the contents of this article before making a purchase. Assess your own risk tolerance and agree to the terms of this article before placing an order.

(1) The products you buy through the DOORZO APP are entrusted to us for purchasing on the respective website. Once we acquire the items from the seller, we will manage the shipping procedures based on your preferences.

(2) You entrust us to buy goods from Japanese e-commerce websites, establishing a sales relationship with the respective website's seller. This sales relationship might not directly fall under the jurisdiction of relevant national laws. When entrusting us to make purchases on the Japanese e-commerce platform, you are obligated to accept the relevant agreement of the Japanese e-commerce platform. Consequently, this transaction may be subject to Japanese law and the corresponding agreement of the Japanese platform.

(3)In the event of a dispute arising from quality issues with the goods, we can engage in communication and negotiation with the Japanese seller on your behalf. However, as a purchasing service provider, we cannot guarantee the quality of the goods and cannot be held liable for compensation in this regard.

(4) As we directly handle shipping services for you after purchasing goods, we typically do not open packages sent by the seller. If you have concerns, you can opt for the paid unpacking service, and our staff will open the package for you.

(5) The cross-border goods you purchase adhere to the relevant quality, safety, sanitation, environmental protection, labeling, and other standards or technical specifications of the place of origin. However, there may be variances from the standards of your country. Any harm, loss, or other risks resulting from this are your responsibility at your own risk, and we are not liable.

(Article 7) Prohibited Behavior

7.1 You must refrain from engaging in any of the following behaviors when using this service:

(1) Use the service for improper purposes;

(2) Repeatedly or maliciously register multiple accounts;

(3) Use the address provided by DOORZO to subscribe to virtual services, such as applying for credit cards, telephone numbers, etc.;

(4) Engaging in cheating, such as collecting, cashing out, conducting false transactions, drawing coupons, selling or reselling coupons, selling or reselling points, participating repeatedly, etc.;

(5) Infringing on the trademark rights, copyrights, appearance patent rights, invention patent rights, proprietary technology, and other intellectual property rights, goodwill rights/reputation rights, portrait rights, and other legitimate rights and interests of DOORZO or other third parties;

(6) Participating in fraudulent or other illegal and criminal acts;

(7) Using this service in the name of a third party;

(8) ) Any other behaviors that violate laws or the provisions of the Service.

7.2 If you violate the above regulations, DOORZO reserves the right to take any or all of the following measures at any time without obtaining your consent:

(1) Freeze your DOORZO account and cancel your transaction qualification;

(2) Suspend or terminate your use of DOORZO services.

7.3 If you violate the Terms of Service and cause DOORZO to suffer losses, you should also compensate DOORZO for all losses. If your behavior involves illegal activities, DOORZO has the right to hand it over to the relevant departments for processing.

(Article 8) Privacy Policy

DOORZO prioritizes the protection of user personal information. By utilizing the services offered by DOORZO, you consent to the collection, storage, usage, disclosure, and protection of your personal information in accordance with DOORZO's published privacy policy. We recommend a thorough reading of the 'DOORZO Privacy Policy' for detailed information.

(Article 9) User's Assurance and Authorization for Posted Information

You declare and guarantee that you have the corresponding and legal rights to the information you post. Otherwise, DOORZO has the right to lawfully delete or block the information you publish according to the Service. You should ensure that the information you post does not contain the following content:

(1)Violates the prohibitive provisions of national laws and regulations;

(2)Involves political propaganda, feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror, or incitement to crime;

(3)Fraudulent, false, inaccurate, or misleading;

(4)Infringes on the intellectual property rights of others or involves third-party trade secrets and other proprietary rights;

(5)Insults, defames, intimidates, or violates the legitimate rights and interests of others, such as privacy;

(6)Contains viruses, trojans, crawlers, or other malicious software, program codes that may destroy, alter, delete, or affect the normal operation of any DOORZO system or unauthorized access to DOORZO and other user data or personal information;

(7)Other content that goes against public interest or public morals, or is not suitable for posting on DOORZO according to the relevant DOORZO service agreements and rules.

(Article 10) Intellectual Property Rights

10.1 You are aware, understand, and agree that the content (including but not limited to text, images, videos, audio, animations, etc.) you upload, submit, store, or publish while using the services provided by DOORZO is either original to you or you have obtained legal authorization. The intellectual property rights to any content uploaded, submitted, stored, or published through DOORZO belong to you or the original copyright holder. Your actions of uploading, submitting, storing, or publishing content will not infringe upon the intellectual property or other legal rights of others.

10.2 You are aware, understand, and agree that by accepting the Terms of Service, you voluntarily grant DOORZO and its affiliated companies the non-exclusive, transferable property rights to the above content, such as copyrights (including but not limited to reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, screening rights, broadcasting rights, information network dissemination rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights, and other transferable rights that should be enjoyed by the copyright owner), on a worldwide, permanent, free, exclusive, and irrevocable basis. DOORZO and its affiliated companies may use the above content based on such authorization (including but not limited to commercial purposes) or independently grant any necessary sublicenses to third parties.

10.3 You acknowledge and agree to authorize DOORZO and its affiliated companies, either in their own name or by entrusting professional third parties, to independently safeguard against any infringement related to the content you upload, submit, store, or publish (including derivative works) and to obtain full compensation. Safeguard measures include but are not limited to monitoring infringement, sending cease-and-desist letters, filing lawsuits or arbitration, mediation, and settlements. DOORZO and its affiliated companies have the right to make independent decisions and implement actions related to safeguarding rights.

(Article 11) Changes and Termination of Terms of Service

11.1 DOORZO reserves the right to modify the relevant terms of the Service at any time. Once the content of the Service changes, the updated version will be published on DOORZO or brought to your attention through enhanced prompts. If you do not agree with the modifications made by DOORZO to the relevant terms of the Service, you should cease using DOORZO services from the effective date determined by the updated version. If you continue to use DOORZO services, it will be deemed that you accept the modifications made by DOORZO to the relevant terms of the Service.

11.2 The Service shall terminate under any of the following circumstances:

(1) DOORZO reserves the right to deactivate a user's DOORZO account in accordance with the provisions of the terms of the Service. In such a case, the Service shall terminate as of the date of account deactivation.

(2) DOORZO has the right to terminate all DOORZO services in accordance with the provisions of the Service. In this event, the Service shall terminate as of the date when all DOORZO services are terminated.

11.3 After the termination of the Terms of Service, the user has no right to request DOORZO to continue providing any services or fulfill any other obligations. This includes, but is not limited to, requesting DOORZO to retain or disclose any information from the user's original DOORZO account, and forwarding any messages that the user has not read or sent, to the user or any third party.

(Article 12) Severability

If any provision of the Service is deemed void, invalid, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be considered severable and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

(Article 13) Applicable Law, Jurisdiction, and Others

13.1 The drafting, effectiveness, interpretation, amendment, supplement, termination, execution, and dispute resolution of the Service shall be governed by the laws of the place where the company is located.

13.2 For any disputes related to the Service, DOORZO will try to resolve them through friendly negotiation with you. If the negotiation doesn't result in a satisfactory solution for both parties, either party can bring the dispute to the court located in the company's registered place.

(Article 14) Attachments

Attachments to the Service include but are not limited to the "Usage Guide," "Shopping Guide," "International Shipping" displayed on various DOORZO pages, and various explanations and risk notifications made to you through pop-ups, checkmarks, and other methods during your use.