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AKROS (アクロス), a Japanese fashion brand that makes bags, has previously collaborated with the anime Laid-Back Camp to launch well-received apparel products.

Recently, it was announced that it would cooperate with the popular animation "Frieren: Beyond Journey," which has been popular for two seasons, to launch jackets based on Frieren's daily wear. The price is 17,380 yen, and pre-orders will be available on the official website starting March 19.

Although it is based on Frieren's basic outfit, it is not separated from the upper and lower parts like the setting. Instead, it is made in the form of a windbreaker. Water-repellent materials add functionality to outdoor wear, especially the stand-up collar. And unique red fasteners on the cuffs.

In addition to being windproof and insulating, it can be folded and stored in the back pocket, making it compact and travel-friendly. When folded, it will reveal a pattern with Florian being eaten by a Mimic, which is an ingenious design.

Outdoor jacket frieren

Price: 17,380 yen

Release date: mid-June 2024

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Image source: AKROS

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