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VSPO! GEAR Equipped with Comprehensive Gaming Keyboard Features

The second installment of the "VSPO! GEAR" gaming keyboard series from "VSPO!" will be released on May 20th. This series features keyboards inspired by 10 popular VTubers, including Beni Yagumo and Emma Aizawa.

Each keyboard features a unique design based on the VTuber's character. It also features high-performance features such as mechanical switches, RGB backlighting, and programmable keys. The keyboards are also made with durable materials that can withstand the rigors of everyday gaming.

The "VSPO! GEAR" gaming keyboard series is a great way to show your support for your favorite VTubers while enjoying a high-quality gaming experience.

Here are some of the key features of the "VSPO! GEAR" gaming keyboard series:

Rapid Trigger: Quickly set keys on/off with the Rapid Trigger.

Variable Actuation Point: Adjust the input sensitivity to your preference with the variable actuation point.

High Polling Rate: Minimize input lag with a high polling rate of 8,000Hz.

In addition to these features, the "VSPO! GEAR" also prioritizes comfort with features like:

Gasket Mount for Quiet Operation: The gasket mount ensures quiet operation, minimizing noise during gameplay.

Unique Keyswitch for Comfortable Keystrokes: The unique keyswitch provides a satisfying typing experience.

The keyboard connects via a detachable USB cable.

Second Wave Features Vtuber Designs

The second wave of "VSPO! GEAR" keyboards features designs inspired by 10 popular VTubers:

小雀とと (Toto Kosuga)

空澄セナ (Sena Misora)

神成きゅぴ (Kyuu Kumi)

八雲べに (Beni Yagumo)

藍沢エマ (Emma Aizawa)

紫宮るな (Runa Shimiya)

猫汰つな (Tsuna Nekota)

白波らむね (Ramune Shiranami)

小森めと (Meto Komori)

夢野あかり (Akari Yume) 

Product Information

Product Name: "VSPO! GEAR" Gaming Keyboard

Release Date: May 20, 2024

Price: Starting at ¥15,000 JPY

About VSPO!

VSPO! is a Japanese VTuber agency that manages a group of popular VTubers, including Beni Yagumo and Emma Aizawa. The agency is known for its high-quality content and its dedication to its VTubers.

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