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Portable PC “Claw A1M” Series

MSI introduced this device with several attractive features.

On March 28, 2024, the highly anticipated portable gaming PC“Claw A1M” series was officially released. The portable gaming PC market has become a hot trend in the gaming industry in recent years, and MSI has finally joined the market. Equipped with Intel® Core™ Ultra processors, the “Claw A1M” series is a high-performance device that realizes high-performance processing and long battery life with a built-in 53Whr battery. Here, we will introduce this“Claw A1M” series with cosplayer “Suzura,” who is the face of MSI laptop/official VTuber “Misuzumi”!

With 315,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter), Suzura is a high-profile cosplayer who has been getting much attention in various media outlets. Her topicality is reflected in her appearance and her unusual transition from civil servant to cosplayer.

Through her love of cosplay, “Suzura” is pursuing “what she loves” and conveying the charm of the “Claw A1M” series to gamers. The new lifestyle of the “Claw A1M” series for gamers.

The cosplayer “Suzura” appeared as the Character of MSI laptop “Misuzume.” The highly efficient portable gaming PC “Claw A1M” is in her hand.

With Suzura, we'll take a closer look at some of the key points gamers are most concerned about, such as equipment specifications and operability.

The“Claw A1M” series has a stylish black color scheme with a minimalist look, giving it a cool impression. The layout of the ABXY buttons is the same as the Xbox controller. The lighting function illuminates these buttons and joysticks, so they are not only gaming devices but also make their presence known!

It is also worth mentioning that the macro buttons on the “Claw A1M” series are positioned just right, so they are easy to press and not to press incorrectly. Thanks to the ergonomic design and layout of the “Claw A1M”, you'll find that your fingers naturally stray away from the macro buttons when in actual use. The grip is also excellent, adapting perfectly to the palm of your hand. The weight is 675 grams, so it doesn't “get heavier with performance,” which is commendable.

Regarding the user interface, “MSI Center M” has been specially adjusted to help you easily manage the games you have at hand. In addition, “MSI App Player” can launch mobile games to fulfill gamers' needs. Moreover, playing mobile games on a PC without installing other software is a pleasure!

With a high-capacity 53Whr battery, she can enjoy the game to her heart's content!

Next, we asked Suzura to play “Genshin” on “Claw A1M”. Amazingly, she wore the heroine “Hotaru” costume and recreated the same “game style” as the game character!

This time, we let her play the PC version of Genshin. Game scenes like “Hotaru” playing as“Hoyaru” can be seen on Claw A1M. Claw A1M has an Intel® Core™ Ultra processor and a 7-inch Smooth Display (120Hz). With the design concept of a “Portable Gaming PC,” the Claw A1M realizes powerful performance and visual effects.

Another key point about portable gaming PCs is“how hot the device will get.” While it is understandable that the device will heat up during gaming, the gaming experience will be affected if it gets too hot. To address this, the Claw A1M solves the thermal management problem for portable gaming PCs by utilizing an internal structure designed for cooling, including two fans, multiple heat pipes, and a “high-flow forced cooling radiator.” Air is drawn in through the large air intake at the back, and heat is discharged from the top of the case, so you won't feel any noticeable heat even during gaming. This is a welcome development for gamers.

In addition, it is worth noting that the fan is silent, and the audio from the “Sound Utility 『Nahimic』” will not be covered by the fan's sound, so you can experience high-quality background music and sound. The audio output port supports Hi-Res, so you can experience a more realistic gaming world with Hi-Res headphones or earphones.

Playing Genshin on “Claw A1M” is too comfortable. It's not just for gaming! As a protable PC that supports a personalized desktop environment

The “Claw A1M” series is more than just a “portable gaming PC” and more than just designed for gaming. As a more portable PC than a laptop, it can also be used as a “portable device” by connecting to an external monitor via the Thunderbolt™ 4 Type-C port, third-party docking stations, and other external connections. It can also be used as a “portable device,” and it is possible to edit movies to a certain extent.

Suzura will experience a version of the “Claw A1M” series, “Claw-A1M-002JP.” If you are interested, please check the following specifications. You can also check whether you want a pure gaming machine or want to consider using it as a portable PC.

Screen: 7” / Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) / Anti-Glare / 120Hz / Touch Supported

Processor: Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 Processor 155H

Memory: 16GB LPDDR5

Graphics: Intel® Arc™ Graphics

Solid State Drive: 1TB

Memory Card Reader: microSD card reader

I/O Ports: Thunderbolt™ 4 Type-C (USB PD support) × 1 / Audio Composite Interface

Battery: Li-ion (53Whr)

Battery Life: Up to 7 hours (JEITA 3.0 video playback) / Up to 8 hours (JEITA 3.0 standby)

Dimensions: 294 x 117 x 21.2mm

Weight: 675g

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