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Have you purchased any fantastic stationery items recently?

At the beginning of 2023, Japanese stationery companies have released a lot of information about their new products.  Here, we've compiled a list of recent stationery items worth purchasing for everyone. Let's take a look together!

PLUS Mt. Fuji Eraser

Japanese stationery company PLUS has introduced an eraser centered around the theme of 'the joy of erasing.' This unique eraser features a white layer inserted in the middle, which, as it wears down through use, gradually reveals the iconic shape of Mount Fuji. It's clear that the designer has a deep understanding of creative design!

The outer cover of the easer used a hot stamping technique, and the small dent on the side to make sure your eraser will not break while using. The eraser itself is made of "air in resin", thus you can easily erase the pencil mark on the paper. 

Japanese students have the tradition to go to a shrine or a temple to pray before the exam is coming and writing their wishes on a wooden plaque called Ema. So PLUS company also releases eraser sets with an Ema-like package to wish for good luck. There are 3 types: Cherry blossom, beckoning cat, and Daruma doll. It is also in the color red and blue. The patterns and the colors all mean Good Luck in Japanese culture.

Item info:

PLUS Mt. Fuji eraser

Japanese: エアイン 富士山消しゴム

Color choices: Blue, Blue + Red (limited), Pink (limited), Orange (limited)

Price: 220JPY/ 660JPY (per set)

Purchase link: View the list of shops on Rakuten

PLUS Kaite Clean Writing Pad

You don't need any pen or paper to write down on this writing pad! The writing pad contained iron powder, so you can write on the pad with a magnetic pen. The biggest advantage is no need to change pen or battery for it!

The new version is softer, lighter, and easier to carry around compared to the old version. The rubber outer shell will increase friction to prevent the writing pad from sliding when writing. The noise would be quieter too. The writings are easy to read and the pad itself is waterproof. Right now the Kaite writing pad has 2 sizes: the rectangle one and the square one for different situations. 

With the Kaite specialized app, you can easily save and edit content from the message board, whether it's for work or home. It's a handy tool to have for your everyday needs!

Item info:

PLUS Kaite Writing pad

Japanese: Kaite クリーンノート メモタイプ

Color choices: grey, pink, navy blue

Price: rectangle: 1760JPY, square: 1100JPY

Purchase link: View Official Online Store

Sun-Star Metacil (metal pencil)

A high-tech pencil that garnered 90,000 likes on Twitter even before its release! Its core is made of aluminum, graphite, and special metals, with a 2H specification, allowing for continuous writing of approximately 16 kilometers without needing to be sharpened.

The ink is resistant to paper penetration and can be easily erased with an eraser. The octagonal body prevents rolling, making it ideal for art students!

Item info:

Sun-Star metacil

Japanese: Sun-Star メタシル/metacil 無限鉛筆

Color choices: Metal grey, metal red, metal blue(new), black, white, navy blue, brown, red, blue

Price: 990JPY

Purchase link: View the list of shops on Rakuten

CRU-CIAL Sweets Mini Card

It totally looks like a real dessert! It has a realistic sweets package with a cute design! You need to rip the package and take out the card inside. It has 4 different types: Pudding, Jelly, Pancake, and Ice pop, The mini card will also have additional envelopes. You can use it as a postcard or a decoration for your journal!

Item info:

CRU-CIAL Sweets mini card

Japanese: びりっとミニカード

Color choice: Pudding, Jelly, Pancake, Ice Pop

With 3 envelope, 2 cards per type

Price: 454JPY per pack

Purchase Link:View the list of shops on Rakuten


Maker but with a look of a crayon! This set of makers from the shape to the color is full of Japanese vintage style. Different from the water maker, you don’t need to worry about the maker getting dry out. You can use this maker until the whole pen is gone like a crayon. 

The ink also replicates the slight resistance of traditional pens, ensuring smooth writing without bleeding through thin paper. Mistakes can be easily corrected with an eraser. With up to 18 colors available, it feels like you'd want to grab one of each!

Item info: 

COUPY Marker

Japanese: クーピーマーカー3

Color choice: Milky,POP,Retro,Pista Choco,Berry Cocoa,Candy,WaModern

Price: 440 JPY per set

Purchase Link:View list of shops on Rakuten

Shinohara Shiko Sandwich Notebook

Drawing inspiration from an employee's comment upon seeing a sheet of paper – "This paper looks so delicious, like a sandwich!" – Shinohara Paper Co., renowned for its paper production and printing services, introduced the "Sandwich Notebook."

With its soft, bread-like outer cover and serrated inner pages, the notebook resembles a delicious sandwich from every angle! Yellow signifies the egg sandwich, while red and green denote the ham sandwich. Even the outer packaging is meticulously designed to resemble sandwich wrapping. Sold in sets of three, the adorable appearance aside, the quality of the paper itself makes it a worthwhile purchase.

Item info: 

Shinohara Shiko Sandwich Notebook

Japanese: 篠原紙工 サンドイッチノート

Color choice: eggsalad, ham

Price: 1980 JPY in sets of three

Purchase Link:Official Online Store

MONO × Campus × Dr.Grip /FRIXION  Collaborated Stationery

Following the success of their initial collaboration, Japanese stationery giants MONO, Campus, and Pilot received unanimous praise from stationery enthusiasts. They have decided to launch a second wave of collaborative stationery in February 2023. This time, they are introducing products from Pilot's 'FRIXION' series, featuring light-colored designs reminiscent of spring!

MONO offers three pen models along with correction tape, while Dr.Grip and FRIXION provide five colors of ballpoint pens. Campus, on the other hand, offers five-color notebooks and twin-ring notebooks. Two of Campus's notebook models were launched in December 2022, and the rest of the products will be released gradually in February this year. As these items are limited in quantity, be sure to mark your calendars and wait for the release!

Item info:

MONO × Campus × Dr.Grip /FRIXION

Color choice: PowderBlue, PinkBeige, AshGray, MistGreen, PalePurple



Mechanical pencil: 440 JPY

Pencil lead: 253 JPY

Ballpen: 220 JPY

Eraser: 132 JPY


300 JPY per notebook


Ballpen: 660 JPY


Erasable marker: 165 JPY(per maker), 825JPY(in pack of 5)

Release date: Campus (Dec. 2022)

MONO, Dr.Grip, FRIXION (Feb. 2023)

TEPRA Label Printer Lite LR30

This product is a budget version of TEPRA's 2020 release. Simply connect it to your smartphone app to edit and print labels online. It's compact, about the size of a palm, and runs on batteries, making it convenient to take with you wherever you go.

The app comes with a variety of fonts and patterns, and supports importing images by taking photos. When combined with different types of tapes from TEPRA, it can create various effects, making it suitable for use on journals, books, spice jars, product packaging, and more. It is expected to be released on January 27, 2023.

Item info: 

TEPRA Label printer Lite LR30

Japanese: キングジム テプラ Lite LR30

Color choice: Blue, White

Price: 8250 JPY

Purchase Link:Official Online Store

Midori(MD)15th dip pen / Midori 15th Ink 

The Japanese stationary brand that is famous for its paper production Midori, its sub-brand "MD PAPER" is going to celebrate its 15th years anniversary this year. This dip pen is from their 15th anniversary series. 

The pen is made from paper powder, the simple white color design is really pleasing to the eye. The pen's body is made into a hexagon shape so the pen won't roll away when putting it on the table. The nib is specifically designed for this product, to make sure the ink would be smooth when writing.

Because the Dip pen doesn't have an ink sac, you can change the color you want to write in at any time while writing. MD added new ink colors from 3 to 9 for their 15th anniversary: red, dark red, yellow, green, blue-gray, and navy blue. Note that the new colors are limited. Other than the dip pen and ink, MD also have notebooks, sticky notes for their 15th anniversary, if you enjoy their product, don't miss out!

Item info: 

Midori 15th dip pen / Midori 15th Ink

Japanese: MDつけペン/MDボトルインク

Color choice(pen): White

Color choice(ink): Sky blue, Gray, Orange (Regular)

Red, Dark red, Yellow, Green, Blue-gray, Navy blue (limited edition)


Dip pen: 2200 JPY

Ink: 1980 JPY

Release date: Jan 19th, 2023

Besides buying these stationeries from the official store, you can also try to find them on Japanese secondhand websites like Mercari, Yahoo! Auction, and Rakuma, you may get a great deal!

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For example, when you want to search for ballpen, you can search in Japanese “ボールペン” or just type in the English word "ballpen". If you want more specific search results, then try to also enter the brand name too.

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Kokuyo    コクヨ文房具

Sakura Craypas   サクラ文房具

Muji   無印良品文房具

Maruman   マルマン文房具

Sun Star   サンスター文房具

Disney   ディズニー文房具

MIDORI   ミドリ文房具

uni   三菱鉛筆

MARK'S   マークス文房具

OHTO   オート文房具

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