Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take for a domestic seller to ship?

A: Mercari, Rakuma, and Yahoo Flea Market are generally slower, and usually take 3-7 days. If the seller does not provide delivery information and fails to ship within a long period (over 2 weeks), we will proactively contact them for confirmation.

Please note that Surugaya may have longer waiting periods for pre-order items, so please be patient.

Q: How can I consolidate orders? I have multiple packages, is it possible to ship them all together?

A: You can consolidate orders through the "Order Center" when all items have arrived at Doorzo's warehouse in Japan. Please note that once a consolidation request is submitted, you cannot add any additional orders.

For example, suppose you have four orders A, B, C, and D in the warehouse. If you apply for the consolidation of orders A, B, and C, resulting in the creation of a new consolidated package E, then it will not be possible to add order D to package E in the future.

Q: Why hasn’t the items arrived at your warehouse yet, despite being sent for long time?

A: It usually takes about 2-10 days to deliver the goods to the warehouse; especially for sellers in Hokkaido and Okinawa, it may take around 7-14 days. If the seller uses regular mail with stamps, the transportation will be slower.

If it exceeds the time range, we will proactively contact the seller for confirmation!

Q: Can I store my purchased items in Doorzo's warehouse if I don't want them delivered immediately?

A: When your items arrive at the warehouse, we provide 60 days of free storage and optional 30 days of paid storage, totaling 90 days. During the paid storage period, there is a charge of 50 JPY/kg per order each day (24-hour period) for each order. If less than 1kg, it will round up to 1kg. This fee will be charged together with your shipping payment."

The order will be considered abandoned if no suitable delivery option is chosen within 90 days. Please handle your order accordingly.

Q: I've paid for international shipping, how long will it take to be shipped?

A: Your international shipment will be dispatched within 3-7 working days after you've paid for international shipping. Please check your email notifications for updates.

Q: My international package was shipped, How can I track its current location?

A: You can check the tracking number from the order center. Then use the tracking number on 17 track website to inquire about your logistics information.

Q: Can my order sent to a Japanese address?  My hotel or my friend's address?

A: Sorry, for that. Doorzo only offers proxy buying services for overseas users and cannot forward orders to addresses within Japan.

Q: In what currency does Doorzo settle? How is the exchange rate calculated?

A: Doorzo is ultimately settled in Japanese yen, and the specific exchange rate can be checked on the day as well as confirmed with the issuing bank.

Q: Why my order has been refunded? How long does it take for the refund to be credited after application?

A: If can check the refund reason and amount in “order details”. If the order is paid by credit, after the refund application, we will process the refund for the user as soon as possible. The specific time for the refund to be credited to the account needs to be confirmed with the issuing bank.

Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions.

Q: How can I connect to Customer Service?

A: We currently provide online customer service in Chinese and Traditional Chinese. For inquiries in English, you can try contacting our customer service chatbot first. If it cannot resolve your issue, please send an email to We will reply to your email within 1 working day of receiving it.

Our customer support hours are Monday to Friday, 10:30 to 18:30 (JST) Thank you!