Second-hand Trading Platforms Pros & Cons

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by the choices that come with the rise of second-hand platforms? Now, let's delve into the features and differences between Mercari, Rakuten Rakuma, Yahoo Flea Market, and Yahoo! Auction. Hope this will help you make an informed decision while shopping!


As an official partner of Mercari (Japanese: メルカリ), the largest second-hand e-commerce platform in Japan, we proudly collaborate to bring you an extensive range of items, from luxury goods and electronics to everyday essentials like toothpaste and collectibles. Mercari has earned its place as a user-favorite platform in Japan, where it is finding great deals while shopping.


Rakuten Rakuma

Our official partner, Rakuten Rakuma (Japanese: 楽天ラクマ) is an e-commerce flea market operated by the major Japanese company Rakuten. Specializing in second-hand goods, it allows individual users to buy and sell a variety of products, including clothing, electronics, toys, household equipment, and outdoor gear. Many sellers from Mercari also list their items on Rakuten Rakuma, contributing to a diverse range of products. Additionally, it boasts over 170 officially certified stores!

rakuten rakuma - utatane

Yahoo Flea Market

Yahoo Flea Market (Japanese: Yahoo! フリマ) is an e-commerce flea market operated by Yahoo Japan Corporation, specializing in second-hand goods. 'フリマ' in Japanese refers to a flea market. Similar to Mercari and Rakuten Rakuma, individual users can buy and sell items on Yahoo Flea Market. As a service provided by Yahoo, some sellers from Yahoo! Auctions also choose to sell their products on Yahoo Flea Market, resulting in a significant number of sellers offering various electronics.


Yahoo! Auction

Yahoo! Auction (Japanese: Yahoo! オークション) stands as Japan's largest online auction website, where users often find exclusive anime collectibles, celebrity merchandise, musical instruments, fishing gear, automotive accessories, and even antique artworks, often at discounted prices. It's ideal for those seeking items they may have missed. Aside from fixed prices, the competitive bidding system is a highlight of Yahoo Auctions, allowing users to secure items at super-low prices when there's minimal competition.


Comparison Chart of Second-hand Platforms

Now that we've provided a brief overview of each second-hand platform, let's delve into a detailed comparison table highlighting each popular item, its features, and drawbacks. Take a closer look!


Here concludes the introduction to various second-hand platforms. Each platform possesses distinctive features, allowing shoppers to explore and search across platforms based on individual preferences. Wishing everyone a delightful shopping experience!