How to Use Yahoo! Auctions

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Yahoo! Auction is Japan's largest online auction platform, offering a wide variety of items such as electronics, anime figurines, trendy fashion, etc.

At Yahoo! Auction, items are basically sold through auctions, with two main purchasing methods: 'Buyout' and 'Bid Auction'. Currently, we only provide the 'Buyout'  mode in our platform, which requires full payment. The bidding auction system is currently under construction, so please do expect…

When you choose a Buyout mode, Doorzo's system will process your order automatically. Our 24-hour real-time bidding system can ensure prompt and efficient processing of your orders. Once your order is successfully placed, our ordering staff will contact the seller, and arrange payment, and there's nothing you need to do for any further action.  


The 'Buyout' mode allows you to pay the seller's delivery price for an item, avoiding the bidding process and securing the item immediately. This method eliminates competition with other bidders, guaranteeing a successful purchase.

Whether an item can be bought in the Buyout mode depends on whether sellers have set a Buyout price. You can check for the "Buyout" button on the item's page to confirm.


Auction Process

After successfully winning a bid, Doorzo will default to selecting a domestic transportation method without tracking numbers. While this option may be more cost-effective, it can potentially result in lost or damaged packages for which the user will bear responsibility. To ensure accurate delivery to our warehouse,  we recommend choosing a shipping method with logistics protection where the seller will select a domestic transportation method that provides tracking numbers. However, please note that if the seller only offers non-tracked shipping methods, even if you choose logistics protection, it will still be limited to non-protected mailing options.


Winning an Auction

After successfully bidding for an item, our ordering staff will communicate with the seller on your behalf, and arrange payment for the item, and there's no further action for you.  Once your items arrive at Doorzo's Tokyo warehouse, you will receive both a private message and an email notification from Doorzo. Then, you can choose between order consolidation or arranging international shipping directly.

Auction Canceled

Please note that even if you have won an auction, it may still be canceled due to sellers changing their minds or decisions made by the Yahoo! Auction system. In such cases, your order will be automatically canceled and the payment you made will be refunded to you.

The Proxy Purchasing Fee

The proxy purchasing fees for Yahoo! Auction are :

For individual items priced below 7000 JPY, the service fee is 200 JPY; 

For individual items with a value over 7000 JPY, a fee of 3% of the item's value is charged, with a minimum fee of 210 JPY and a maximum of 300 JPY.


The proxy purchasing fee will be displayed when you submit and pay for your order, so there is no need for additional calculations.


1. According to Yahoo! Auction policy, once the items are purchased, they cannot be canceled or refunded unless it's the seller's actions. Please ensure that you confirm your purchase intention before placing an order. If an order is canceled by the seller or non-buyer reason, Doorzo will operate the refund for you.

2. Since the majority of items sold on Yahoo! Japan Auction are second-hand, Doorzo is unable to guarantee their condition or authenticity. Please carefully review the item's description for its condition before making a purchase. Upon arrival at our warehouse, we will conduct thorough inspections for any visible damages that may have occurred during domestic shipping. If any issues are identified, we will handle them directly with the seller. However, please note that we do not offer an item inspection service and therefore cannot guarantee resolutions in cases of missing or incorrect items. If any missing items are discovered in our warehouse, we will promptly ship them to you. We appreciate your understanding of these potential risks before placing your order.

3. Since there are many individual sellers on Yahoo! Auction, shipping times may vary for each seller and there is no specific shipping standard. Therefore, please review the provided shipping details before placing a bid. If a seller delays shipping for an extended period, Doorzo will track your order and urge the seller to complete the shipment. We appreciate your patience during the delivery process.

4. If your won item has options available, such as clothing size, color, pattern, etc., you can indicate your preferences in the order notes when placing your order.

If you have any other questions about Yahoo! Auction, feel free to contact customer service for assistance!



Q: How can I buy items from Yahoo! Auction using Doorzo?

A: Items on Yahoo! Auction are sold through bidding, with two purchasing methods: 'Buyout' and 'Bid Auction'. Currently, Doorzo only supports direct purchases with full payment of the 'Buyout Price'.

Q: What is the proxy purchase fee for orders from Yahoo! Auction?

A: The proxy purchasing fees for Yahoo! Auction are :

For individual items priced below 7000 JPY, the service fee is 200 JPY;

For individual items with a value over 7000 JPY, a fee of 3% of the item's value is charged, with a minimum fee of 210 JPY and a maximum of 300 JPY.

Note: The proxy purchasing fee will be displayed when you submit and pay for your order, so there is no need for additional calculations.

Q: Can I contact the seller to inquire about the item?

A: Doorzo doesn’t provide this service now.  Kindly follow the regular order steps. If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

Q: How is the Japan domestic shipping fee calculated?

A: Since items listed on Yahoo! Auctions come from various sellers across Japan, the shipping fees to Doorzo's Tokyo warehouse are different. Typically, domestic shipping fees range from 175 JPY to 5000 JPY, depending on diverse factors such as the item's size and the distance from the seller's location. Please note that free shipping may be offered by some sellers.

The COD (Cash on Delivery) domestic shipping fee needs to be paid after the item is received in our warehouse. This fee will be automatically included in the international shipping fee and paid together when settling the international shipping fee.

Q: What is insured shipping?

A: When placing your order, you can decide whether to include shipping insurance or not. Domestic shipping methods in Japan come with diverse fees, and some cheaper options do not include shipping insurance. If an item is lost or damaged during transit, no compensation will be provided. Therefore, we recommend selecting the shipping insurance option when placing your order.

Q: How much does international shipping cost?

A: When your order status is updated to 'In Warehouse,' you can choose a shipping method for your order (EMS/Airmail/Registered Airmail/Sea Freight/DHL) from the Order Center and proceed to pay for the corresponding international shipping. The international shipping fee is calculated based on the actual weight of the package and the chosen shipping method.

Q: Do I need to pay customs duties?

A: When international packages reach the customs of the destination country, it's at the discretion of local customs to decide if customs duties are necessary and the exact amount, if applicable.

Q: Are there any items that cannot be shipped?

A: International shipping of hazardous materials, including flammable, explosive, and toxic products, is prohibited. Please be aware that you will be responsible for any expenses associated with the purchase and shipping of hazardous materials in the event they are returned by Japan Post or local customs.

Q: Will my items be inspected upon delivery to your warehouse in Japan?

A: We carefully inspect all packages delivered to our warehouse for any visible damages caused during domestic shipping upon arrival. We will handle any problems identified at this stage directly with the seller. But, as we cannot inspect items, we do not make any commitments regarding missing or incorrect items nor offer solutions for such cases. If your missing item has been left out in our warehouse, we will promptly send it to you. We kindly ask for your full awareness of the risk before ordering.

Q: Are the items authentic?

A: As the majority of items on Yahoo! Auction are sold by individual sellers and are second-hand, Doorzo cannot guarantee the condition or authenticity of the products.

Q: What if the item I purchased is out of stock?

A: If an order is canceled because the seller is unable to ship the item, we'll issue a refund within 3 working days, covering both the product cost and proxy purchasing fee.


Q: Can I get a refund or return the item after winning the bid?

A: Once payment is successfully processed for items on Yahoo! Auction, refunds or returns are not accepted. Please review the item information carefully before placing your order.

Q: How long does it take for sellers on Yahoo! Auction to ship items?

A: Most sellers on Yahoo! Auction are individual sellers, meaning there is no fixed standard for shipping time. Typically, items are shipped within 3 to 7 days. We appreciate your patience while awaiting delivery. If a seller hasn't shipped your item after three weeks, we suggest contacting Doorzo customer service for assistance.

Q: Why are some items labeled as 'Temporarily Unsupported' and unavailable for purchase?

A: To protect your rights, we have blocked certain products from untrustworthy sellers or products that cannot be shipped internationally. In addition, certain prohibited items, restricted items, and fragile items will appear as 'Temporarily Unsupported'.

Currently, Doorzo only offers the 'Buyout' option for purchasing items. The bidding auction system is currently under development, so please stay tuned for updates.