Surugaya Shopping Q&A

Q: How is the domestic shipping fee calculated for items purchased on the Surugaya?

A: When placing an order on Surugaya, a domestic shipping fee will be applied, and the specific costs are detailed in the item description. Please note that Surugaya offers free shipping within Japan for orders exceeding 1500 JPY.


Q: How much is the proxy purchase fee for Surugaya orders?

A: Surugaya's proxy purchase fee is 3%, with a minimum fee of 50 JPY and a maximum fee of 500 JPY. The total price of your order will include the fee calculated according to the above rules, and this will be presented to you before confirming your purchase.


Q: When can I expect Surugaya to ship the items after making a purchase?

A: Please be aware that Surugaya orders may have a slower shipping time. Typically, it takes 7 to 30 days from the item being shipped to reach our warehouse. If you have not received our notification regarding the arrival of your items after 30 days, kindly contact our customer service for further updates.


Q: What are the conditions of items on Surugaya?

A: If you're considering purchasing second-hand items like figures, CDs, and manga, it's worth being mindful of the titles and prices of the pre-owned goods. Be aware that items priced below 500 JPY, labeled as 'Level B,' intended for rent, or included in Lucky Bags may come with defects. We also recommend sanitizing used personal items upon receipt. Additionally, you can check other shoppers' posts about their experiences with Surugaya's second-hand items for further insights.


Q: Are the item images displayed on Surugaya actual photos of the item?

A: While some item images are indeed actual photographs, in general, the images on Surugaya are not specifically taken for selling purposes. Therefore, it's advisable to use the images as a reference when making a purchase.


Q: How can I determine if an item comes with bonus items?

A: Look for phrases in the item title like "特典付き (bonus item included)" or similar, as this indicates that the product comes with bonus items. If there's no such indication in the title, we cannot guarantee the inclusion of any bonus items.


Q: Is it possible to buy pre-order items on Surugaya?

A: Yes, it is possible to buy pre-order items. However, please note that there is an additional domestic shipping fee of 220 JPY for pre-orders due to varying release dates. This fee will be included in shipping adjustments.


Q: Why did the item I paid for become out of stock?

A: Surugaya serves customers worldwide, so the item you desire may become unavailable during the ordering process. However, many sellers would quickly restock their inventory. You can place your order again once the item is back in stock. If the seller does not restock the item you want, a full refund will be issued to you. In general, all you need is to patiently wait for the arrival of your items.


Q: What happens if I order the wrong item? Can I cancel my order?

A: We are sorry that orders can NOT be canceled once you have paid for it. Please double-check and make sure the items are correct before purchasing.


Q: Can I return items purchased through Surugaya if I no longer want them due to personal reasons?

A: Please note that all Surugaya orders are not allowed to be canceled or returned. Please double-check and make sure the items on order are correct before purchasing.


Q: How can I search for doujinshi (fan-created or self-published works) featuring specific character pairs (CP) on Surugaya?

A: You can start by searching for the CP's Japanese name using the format (Character A + space + Character B), for example, 桜木花道、流川楓. If the search results are limited, you can also try using the abbreviation of the CP's name, not necessarily the full name, for instance, 桜木、流川. Experiment with various combinations, but ensure they are all in Japanese for optimal results.