Your Guide to Yahoo! Auctions Japan

You Guide to Yahoo! Auctions Japan

Yahoo! Auctions Japan is Japan’s largest online auction site, offering auctions of huge varieties of goods from digital products to fashion goods. Goods on Yahoo auctions are sold in auction-style marked with buyout price and/or bidding price. At Doorzo, your bid is automatically processed in real-time around the clock no matter which price you choose to go with. Once an auction is won, our staff will communicate with the seller on your behalf to settle payment and shipping. So you don't have to do anything additional.

Buy for buyout price

The Buyout Price is to pay for the fixed price set by the seller and win the auction without going through a bidding process. Your desired item is secured immediately using this way and saves you from competing against other bidders.

Whether or not a listing is sold at a Buyout Price, depends on if the seller has set a fixed price for it. You could tell this by checking if a Buy It Now Price icon is displayed on the item page. If it displays the icon, you can buy the item at that price straight away.

Bid on auction

Bidding at an auction on Yahoo is to compete against other bidders for your desired item by offering higher prices. It gives you a feeling as if you were in a live auction sale.

How Yahoo Auction works


Maximum Bid


Competitor (whose maximum bid is unknown)

Leading Bidder

Current Price

Yahoo system places incremental bids automatically

Robot Bidder

Robot Competitor

Minimum Bid Increment

Opening Time

Closing Time

Lose the Bid

Time is up; Auction Winner

Auction Closed

How to place a bid at Doorzo

When you've found your desired item, click [Place a bid] to enter your maximum bid amount. As Yahoo! auction does not allow cancellation of bids once it's made, please check all the info and make sure if it is your desired item before bidding. If you need to select a particular color or size for the item, please leave a message in the order message box.

Once you win the bid, we will select a trackable local shipping method for your order so it would be delivered properly and compensation can be claimed in case of item damage or loss. However, if you prefer using the most economical shipping method, please uncheck the box "Trackable Shipping" then; in which case, please understand that any financial loss risen from package missing or damage is on the user's side.

Place a Bid

Current Price


I'd like to bid

Won service Fee

Order Message:

Shipping Insurance: Select the default trackable shipping method for me. I understand additional charges may apply.

Confirm to Bid


Please review your bid price and other conditions before clicking confirm to submit your bid. Make sure you understand and acknowledge the risk statement by checking the box as well.

Bid Confirmation

Current Price

My Bid Amount Total

Shipping Insurance


Trackable shipping method is preferred

Won service fee

Included in the bid amount

Order Message

Alipay Pre-authorization

The amount of your bid will be frozen in Alipay. The transaction for the actual amount of your winning bid will be processed and the frozen balance is released back to your Alipay account afterward. If you lose the bid, the full amount frozen will be released back after the auction closes.

I understand the risks associated with purchasing second-hand items and agree to assume the potential financial risks. (Including but not limited to incorrect or missing items due to sellers' reasons, or item doesn't match the listing description and etc.)

I understand the relevant provisions of Alipay pre-authorization.



Your bid will be placed as soon as Alipay pre-authorization is successfully processed.

Current Price

Bid Increments

Up to 5000 JPY

Above 50000 JPY

Product Description:

Auction ID:


Auto Extend: Yes

Auction Type: Individual Seller

Starting Price:

Starting Time:

Bids Received:

Domestic Shipping Pay By: Buyer

Early closure: Yes

Item Location: Fukushima

Bid Increment

Closing Time:

About Alipay Pre-authorization

Doorzo accpets pre-authorized Alipay payment method for using Yahoo! Auction.

You just need to pre-authorize the maximum amount of your bid to enable bidding. Alipay will proceed to hold the funds from your account. The funds will be either charged or released back to your account after the auction ends depending on the results.

The amount of your bid will be frozen in Alipay after it is successfully submitted. If the bid fails or you are outbid, the frozen amount will be released back to your Alipay account automatically.

If you need detailed information about Alipay Pre-authorization, a detailed explanation is available in the "Auction Center/Pre-authorization" section.

Raising a bid

When another buyer's bid exceeds your maximum price, you may raise your bid in order to win the auction. The funds frozen in the bid submitted previously can not replace the funds for the new bid. It is to be released automatically back to your account.

Yahoo! Auction's automatic bidding

Yahoo's bidding system works automatically. When you enter the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for the item, the current price will not be raised to your maximum bid at once, but to an amount of current price + bid increment. If there are other bidders in the auction, the system will continue to bid up to your maximum bid. Here is how increments are determined:

Eg.: Let's say an item's current price is 45000JPY, so its pre-determined increment is 500JPY. Suppose your highest bid is 60,000JPY, then there will be 3 possible outcomes:

1. You bid 60000JPY, current prices go up to 45000+500 (increment) = 45500; and no other higher bid received until the auction ends, you will win the auction at 45500JPY

2. If another bidder places a higher bid, say, 50,000JPY, then the system will bid 51000 for you and you'll still be the winner.

3. As long as there are other bidders who keep on bidding, the system will continue to bid until 60000JPY is reached, in which case, the winner will be the other bidder.

Bidding Tips: Add 1 JPY to your bid price

For high-value listings, it may not be worth it to pay 500 or even 1000 JPY of increment to outbid any competing offer just because of the incremental bidding system. A wiser way is to add 1JPY to your maximum bid.

In the previous example, if your maximum bid is 60001JPY when someone bids 60000J PY, you'll remain the highest bidder; in the meantime, other bidders will have to pay at least 1000JPY more in order to outbid yours. So 1JPY has the same effect equivalents to 10000JPY.

Successful Bid

When you've won a bid, our system will contact the seller on your behalf to settle payment and you don't need to do anything at this stage. Our app and email will notify you when your purchase is delivered to our warehouse. You may then proceed to request order consolidation and shipping.

Any price difference between your winning bid and the amount pre-authorized will be released back to your account by the time you win the auction.

Unsuccessful Bid

You will be notified by SMS if another bidder has surpassed your maximum bid. You may raise your maximum bid at any time before the end of a listing. If your maximum bid did not win, you don't need to do anything

Cancel Bids

Successfully placed bids or even the auction you've won could be canceled due to the seller's personal judgment or the Yahoo system's judgment. If this happens, your order will be canceled automatically by our system. Any previously frozen funds will be released back to you at the same point.

Won Service Fee

Doorzo's service fee of winning bids is based on the final prices. A flat service fee of 200 JPY for purchases below 7000JPY.

A service fee of 300 JPY for purchases above 10000JPY.

And 3% of the purchase price is charged for purchases between 7000 to 10000JPY (210JPY for minimum and 300JPY for maximum).

The item's price and its relevant service fee are to be paid as a total. If you use Alipay pre-authorization, service fees and the item's price will be frozen at the same point.


1. Yahoo! Auction does not allow any cancellation or refund of winning bids unless it is canceled for seller's reasons. Please double-check and make sure the item(s) is(are) correct before purchasing. Doorzo only issues refunds for cancellations caused by circumstances on the seller's side or other parties of the transaction.

2. The majority of items listed on Yahoo! Auction are second-hand items. Doorzo can NOT guarantee the condition of your purchase item. We advise and expect you to pay attention to the seller's description of the item. If the package has obvious shipping damage during domestic shipping, we will conduct an inspection. We will handle any problems identified at this stage directly with the seller. However, we are not making any commitment to any possible item missing issues or providing any proceeding solutions in case it happens. If your missing item has been left in our warehouse, we will send it to you later. We kindly ask for your full awareness of the risk before bidding.

3. Individual sellers on Yahoo! Auction usually ship items at their own pace and delivery times may vary. So please check the shipping schedule specified by the seller before bidding. Doorzo will follow up on the shipping and urge the seller to ship on time. We appreciate your patience during this stage.

4. If the seller offers several options for the listing, such as clothing size, color, or patterns, you may leave a message in the order message box before placing your bid.

5. Our customer support staff are available to answer your further questions. Please feel free to contact us!