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7/5 11 AM ~ 7/11 6 PM (JST)

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Have Not Started

Event Details

Discount up to 30,000 JPY! Coupons can be claimed up to 999 times on the homepage. 

※ The "0 Purchase Fee" is also ongoing.


1.【4% Off Coupon】For Mercari orders over 3,000 JPY, get a 4% off without a discount cap.

2.【6% Off Coupon】For Mercari orders over 15,000 JPY, get a 6% discount up to 30,000 JPY.

3. The coupon can be claimed repeatedly from the homepage, up to 999 times.

4. Only one coupon can be applied at checkout.

5. It cannot be added later if you forget to apply the coupon during payment.

6. The coupon will be returned unused if the order is fully refunded during the event. If there's a partial refund, the coupon won't be returned.

7. Coupons are valid only during the event.

8. If Doorzo determines inappropriate registration or shopping behaviour, the individuals involved will not be eligible for coupon issuance or use.

9. Doorzo may adjust the event rules based on its implementation; any changes will be announced on the event page.