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The first volume of the anime "Delicious in Dungeon" released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 24th.

The first volume of the anime "Delicious in Dungeon" was released on Blu-ray and DVD on April 24th. There will also be a fully limited edition, which includes a Marcil doll.

KADOKAWA will release the TV anime "Delicious in Dungeon" in four Blu-ray & DVD box sets. Additionally, they have announced various related details, including original purchase bonuses available at different stores.


The TV anime "Delicious in Dungeon" will be released in four volumes on Blu-ray and DVD! 

The first volume will also be released as a fully limited edition with a 1/7 scale Marcil figurine!


Delicious in Dungeon

"Delicious in Dungeon" is a Japanese anime adapted from the manga of the same name by Ryoko Kui. The story is set in a labyrinth filled with various monsters and challenges. It primarily follows a group of adventurers who enter the dungeon to survive and explore. There, they discover and embark on a wondrous culinary adventure, creating dishes using monsters and plants in the dungeon.

The anime premiered in April 2024 and has garnered widespread popularity among viewers. It blends adventure, humour, and culinary elements to create a unique charm. Each episode tells different cooking stories, showcasing a diverse world of labyrinthine cuisine that captivates audiences. Additionally, the anime conveys friendship, courage, and unity themes through character interactions and growth.


"Delicious in Dungeon" features exquisite visual effects, adorable and lively character designs, unique and refined scene settings, and enchanting music. It not only portrays the thrills and dangers of dungeon exploration but also showcases the joys of cooking and the irresistible allure of delicious cuisine to the audience.

"Delicious in Dungeon" Blu-ray BOX 1 includes a fully limited edition featuring a 1/7 scale Marcil figurine.

It will be released on April 24, 2024 (Wednesday).

【Product Number】ZMAZ-16931

【Price】42,900JPY (excluding tax: 39,000 JPY)

【Contents】episodes 1 to 6 (approximately 144 minutes of main footage) plus bonus footage.

【First Production Bonus】

① Fully Limited Edition with Marcil 1/7 Scale Figure.

② Original Work: Outer Box Illustrated by Ryoko Kui

③ Character Design: Paper Sleeve Illustrated by Naoki Takeda

④ Original Work: Special Booklet Featuring Manga Illustrated by Ryoko Kui

⑤ Script Book

⑥ Original Illustrations: Stickers Featuring Artwork by Ryoko Kui

⑦ Video Bonus: Behind-the-scenes footage 'OP Production'

⑧ No subtitles OP·ED

⑨ WEB Preview


"Delicious in Dungeon" merchandise


Delicious in Dungeon" Playing Cards, releasing on April 24th (Wednesday)

Dimensions: Approximately 145×95×22 millimeters

Material: Paper

Unit Price: 1400 JPY (excluding tax)

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