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National treasure-level handsome idol 'Meguro Ren' has these wonderful works too!

Ren Meguro is born on February 16th, 1997 in Tokyo. He is a member of SnowMan, a Japanese idol group by Johnny & Associates. Ren Meguro also works as a model because of his 185 cm tall height. In 2022, Ren Meguro is ranked first place in the 'National treasure level good-looking' ranking list under the NOW department by the fashion magazine ViVi. This ranking can prove his popularity among Japanese people. Now I'm going to introduce some of the films and TV dramas he was featured in and hope you can get his charmingness from them.

Kyojo 2

Kyojo is a TV drama produced by Fuji-TV as a new year special, as Takuya Kimura plays the lead role, and Ryoichi Kimizuka is in charge of the writing. The story of Kyojo is based on a novel by Hiroki Nagaoka with the same name as the show. The plot of the show is at a police academy and thrilling stories happened there. The twists and turns of the plot development, complex and entangled character relationship were well received by the audience. 

The half-blind white hair instructor Kimichika Kazama (played by Takuya Kimura) teaches the young people who wanted to be police in the police academy. These students have to do hard physical training, study all sorts of laws, and learn the techniques to capture criminals. Kazama always uncovers students' secrets with no mercy, filtering the students who are not capable of becoming police and letting them quit.

Rikito Soma (played by Ren Meguro) is one of the students from the class 200th. His mother is a senior from the Kanagawa prefecture police. Rikito has a calm and collected personality, and he has high grades in both studying and physical strength. This is all because of his police family and his mother's strict education. To against his mother, Rikito creates masses in the academy so he could withdraw from the school. However, Kazama knows his plan in the first place. This is the first time Ren Meguro worked with Takuya Kimura who is under the same company as him. Ren got many helps from his senpai both in the show and outside the show.

My Love Mix-Up!

My Love Mix-Up! (消えた初恋) is a live-action adaptation of the popular manga of the same name. The story happened in a High school class, Sota Aoki (played by Shunsuke Michieda) borrowed an easer from his crush Mio Hashimoto (played by Riko Fukumoto). However, he finds out that Mio secretly has a crush on Kōsuke Ida(played by Ren Meguro) and her easer has 'Ida-Kun ♡' written on it. Then Ida saw the easer in Aoki's hand by accident. 

To protect his crush Mio's secret, Aoki pretended the easer belongs to him thus making Ida misunderstand that Aoki has feeling for him. By all the misunderstandings, Ida took this 'confession' seriously, and at the same time, Aoki started actually having feeling for Ida. Starting a sweet relationship all because of a misunderstanding.

The drama is led by two new generation Johnny's idols, the good-looking casting is impeccable, handsome Ren Meguro and cute Shunsuke Michieda. They generated strong sparks, and the interaction between the two is soo cute. Countless viewers could not stop smiling from watching this show. This show not only has incredible eyesight but also can heal your heart with the wonder of youth.


The TV drama first premiered in the fall Silent gained high ratings from the very beginning. The show even was acclaimed as the most representative love story, breaking records from Fuji-TV, the show will be on trend when every episode is broadcasted. From the place where the show is shoot, to the actor's clothing, the hand language used in the show are all hot topics talking among fans.

The story is about their high school second year, Tsumugi Aoba (played by Haruna Kawaguchi) falls in love with So Sakura (played by Ren Meguro)'s voice at a glance. With Minato Togawa (played by Oji Suzuka)'s help, Aoba and Sakura started dating in their third year. However, Sakura break up with Aoba after their high school graduation and he disappeared in Aoba's life. Eight years pass, Aoba saw Sakura in the crowd and recognized him, at that time she knows the shocking truth that Sakura almost lost all his hearing becomes of illness. This reunion changed both of their future.

Ren Meguro plays So Sakura, a young teenager who has a nice voice and loves music. However, he starts to lose his hearing. He told Aoba lies to break up with her just to avoid telling the truth. Suffering great pain alone and living a life with no sound. All these scenes are so heartbreaking. Ren Meguro's fantastic acting brings the character to life and makes the viewers feel the same pain beside him. Silent can definitely be Ren Meguro's representative work. 

New movies are also coming!

Besides all the TV dramas mentioned above, Ren Meguro will be part of the show Maiagare! (舞いあがれ!), and two movies are coming soon. One of them is a love fantasy called Phases of the Moon (月の満ち欠け) and another one is My Happy Marriage (わたしの幸せな结婚) with Mio Imada. Fans are looking forward to his new roles.

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