Mercari Sellers' Special Rules You Should Know

Mercari is a fantastic free app that has been around since 2013. You can buy and sell all sorts of things on Mercari, from high-end brands to digital products, anime figures, and even toothpaste. One of the things that sets Mercari apart is its unique shipping system, which has helped it become the largest online flea market in Japan.

When you make a purchase on Mercari, it's important to know that sales are based on a first-come, first-served basis. However, some sellers have additional requirements that you need to meet before you can buy from them. 

These requirements can be divided into two categories: Comment Required and Comment Not Required. Today, let's take a closer look at the different kinds of comment-required sellers.

Type 1: Buyer must read Seller's profile

Some sellers require buyers to read their profile and username before purchasing, such as the one below. Keep an eye out for the phrase"必読" (Must Read) in the seller's name,  as they typically don't state if immediate purchase is possible in the item's details. These sellers often require buyers to leave a comment before making a purchase.

Occasionally, there are instances where a seller's username doesn't include a "Must Read" message.

And, the item's description might read something like this:

"It's a Kate Spade, had used it for about a week after I bought it."

"To prevent any issues, please leave a comment before buying. The one who leaves the comment first or replies faster is prioritized."

If you happen to purchase without commenting, the seller may cancel the transaction or request that you cancel and repurchase after leaving a comment.

Type 2: Sellers with layers of uneasiness

Some sellers may feel uneasy if you make a purchase without communicating with them first. In some cases, sellers may even cancel the deal or leave a negative review if they encounter any of the following behaviors from you:

A. Failing to contact the seller before making a purchase; 

B. Ignoring the seller's messages; 

C. Not using polite language; 

D. Having more negative reviews than the seller is willing to accept; 

E. Having less total reviews than the seller is willing to accept; 

F. Lacking a detailed personal profile. 

"Please respond to my message; a word or two will do. It makes me worried if you don't respond because in-person meetups are not possible for online sales. I hope we can close the deal with no worries."

I wanted to mention that Mercari doesn't offer delayed payment options besides convenience store payments,  so the seller does not need to worry about not receiving a payment. Even some Japanese people find the reasons for this uneasiness among these sellers very puzzling...

"If you're a buyer with a simple or incomplete profile, or if you have less than 20 customer reviews, please leave a comment before making a purchase. Other than that, I may cancel a deal if I feel worried about any of your words or actions."

During my research, I came across a seller's message: "I thanked the buyer for their purchase but received no response. I felt lonely and uneasy with  such  buyers."

Type 3. The comment must touch on a secret code

This type is the most mysterious among all sellers with personal rules; they will incorporate their requirements into an extremely lengthy self-introduction.

"If you have read and understood the above contents, please type a '*' mark in your comment; otherwise, I would consider you have not read it all."

To show that you have read and understood all of the seller's requirements, Type 3 sellers will ask you to type a unique mark such as ※/★/☆/♥ in your comment or answer a question from their profile like "What is your favorite number?" This type of request is usually found on sellers with a "Must Read" tag. Failure to follow all instructions could result in a negative review or a canceled deal.

"Please write your favorite number in your comment if you have read and understood the above contents. Otherwise, I would be uneasy and ask you to read the profile one more time."

Anyway, one of my colleagues once came across a seller who asked the buyer to count the number of English letters in the profile. Thumbs up to my colleague! 

Type 4: Reject proxy shoppers or foreign buyers

These sellers refuse to sell listings to proxies or foreigners for unknown reasons.

"I do not sell to buyers whom I consider as foreigners, resellers, or bought without commenting first."

Since there is no official recognition of proxy shoppers or foreigners on Mercari, sellers make judgments based on their own perspectives. It can be difficult to understand how sellers choose their buyers since professional proxy shoppers may have multiple accounts, and foreign buyers could be long-time users. Additionally, it is unclear who these buyers may resell items to. 

As Mercari's user base becomes more diverse, shopping on the platform has become a complex process requiring psychological and reading comprehension skills. What was initially designed for a convenient life has become a place for seeking attention. 

While it remains to be seen what actions Mercari will take in the future, you don't need to worry. No matter how complicated it can be, Doorzo is here to support you every step of the way, from commenting to ordering and shipping.