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Popular Stores



Amazon Japan offers a diverse range of products, spanning from e-books, movies, music, and games to electronic devices, home goods, fashion, beauty products, food, toys, and sports equipment. It can fulfill nearly every shopper's needs.


Sofmap is a Japanese retail company specializing in electronic products, computer hardware, software, and merchandise related to games, anime, music, and movies.


AmiAmi is a large anime retailer in Japan, specializing in the sale of various products related to anime, manga, and video games. In addition, AmiAmi also sells a selection of carefully chosen second-hand goods.

Jump Shop Online

Jump is a series of character-related merchandise under Shueisha, including comics, figurines, badges, standees, and various other products.


Nijisanji's official online store specializes in a wide range of merchandise featuring characters from the Nijisanji.


Gamers mainly sells various gaming products for different platforms such as console games, computer games, and mobile games. Whether it's the latest blockbuster releases or classic games, the website strives to offer a diverse selection of games to meet the needs of different users as much as possible.


Grail is a well-known affordable online fashion platform in Japan, offering excellent choices for girls who adore Japanese sweet, cute, and high-quality clothing styles.


Jungle is a website that primarily deals with various models, toys, and anime peripheral products. It offers not only new products but also a large number of valuable second-hand goods.